Jung Da Bin – Blogs’ post


1. Goodbye, Noreen (Jeong Da-bin)

2. Jung Da-Bin found dead

3. Insiders suspect foul play in actresses’ suicide

4. Jung Da-Bin Funeral Pics 01 Pics02 Pics03 Pics04 Pics05
5. The Korean suicides

6. TV Actress Jung Da-bin found dead


18 Responses to “Jung Da Bin – Blogs’ post”

  1. abigfan Says:

    She was my one & only korean actress favorite. She was pretty and a great actress. I had a collection of her pictures and movies. Sometimes I wish this was only a bad dream. But I guess it’s not. May she rest in peace.
    She will always be in our hearts, and she will greatly be missed.

    Depression is REAL. If any of you have a loved one that has the slightest sign of depression, please seek help before it’s too late. When in that dark, isolated place, each of us needs someone to toss down a “rope” to help pull us out. That “rope” or treatment may come in the form of support from loved ones, or the help of a counselor or mental health treatment. I read that some signs are:
    • Sadness, unhappiness, tearfulness
    • Sleeping excessively or being unable to sleep
    • Loss of energy
    • Loss of interest in things you previously enjoyed
    • Irritability
    • Difficulty thinking or concentrating
    • Sudden change in appetite
    • Physical discomfort
    • Feelings of worthlessness
    • Thoughts of suicide or death

    Please don’t be fooled by a sudden burst of happiness from a depressed person. It can be a really bad sign. It’s like the calm before the storm.

    Also, excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to one’s health. Please drink in moderation.

    Again, to Jung Da Bin, my favorite Korean Actress, May you REST IN PEACE. You will be missed.


  2. celpjefscycle Says:

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    many interesting things

  3. Lhiz Says:

    I am experiencing some sort of depression lately and I tried my best to overcome it. I even finished watching Attic Cat the whole night because I cannot sleep. I went to office without sleeping at all. When I tried to surf the net to look for some latest news about her, I was really surprised to find out she is already dead. I cannot believe. She really made me laugh. Attic Cat is my all time favorite. I always watch every time I am sad. And knowing Jung Da Bin is already dead makes me really cry. I thought of committing suicide before, but it really isn’t the right way to solve the problems (that is what I always want to tell myself). This is fact is really hard for me. She is very nice. And very positive. How could she do such thing?

  4. Yurtdisi Egitim Says:

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  5. agustine legarde Says:

    The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be

  6. kaoru96 Says:

    Im sad..I mean..i think her boyfriend was the one who killed her..
    Theres no way she would suicide..
    Even her company,friends etc. says so..
    Anyway,Im sad..

  7. ttn mobile Says:

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  8. jackelin Says:

    The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be

  9. Yurtdisi universite Says:

    She looks awesome. I like it.

  10. Vize danismanlik Says:

    She is totally awesome dude…

  11. güvenlik kamera Says:

    She is very clearly beatifull

  12. sağlık Says:

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  13. Domingo Castro Says:

    My favor actress is gone,but in my heart she is always there,I look at her videos almost every night,just to remember her smile and her happy face,in my altar she have eternal light with my prayers,I love you Noreen,RIP,I will always miss you.

  14. kameralar Says:

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