Thank giving~

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I just back from my area church spiritual meeting, today I’d learned something meaningful which I wish to share with all of you~

Thank giving~

Tonight, there is a question asked to everyone in church~
“Are you alive?”
Everyone, included me raise up our hand. then the second question is,
“Why you think you are alive?”
……. (Silent~)

Why? I never thought of this. Someone answered
“Because we can move around, got action means we are alive”

Yes, that’s correct. Basically God make Adam a living 1st Human, HE gaves him spirit and soul. That is the begining of human mankinds.

We are alive because of God.

So, we should be glad that we have everything now is all because the great work of God. We can breath freely without any bill of Oxygen end month from God. HE let us breath freely, HE let us have our life each day~ So, every morning, we should thank God when we wake up from sleep. Thanks HIM for letting us have one more day in our world.

Some person might always said that they are busy all the time, they got many schedule to keep, to follow, they need to go here and there. These are the people who should thanks God the most. No matter how busy you’re, if without the God, you, yourself can not confirm thing which is happens next minute, next hour or next day, moreover all the schedule is useless. So, do not always claims that you’re busy, you can busy is all because God let you have it.

I thanks God that I have one more oppurtunity to write something new to share with you tonight. Amen.


4 Responses to “Thank giving~”

  1. ehan Says:

    hm… learned alot, great post, thank sharing! ^^

  2. DSvT Says:

    glad that you like it. I like it too.
    We should thanks everything giving by God..

  3. seneca Says:

    Perhaps the busy man does not understand the importance of spirituality to being human.

    The great American writer and philosopher Joseph Campbell said something like: “Chase the money and lose your life”. He meant that it is our job to be fully human, and a life devoted to the accumulation of wealth does not allow us to develop our human spirit.


  4. lwayswright Says:

    Great reminder! I am thankful everyday for his amazing grace!

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