Jung Da Bin’s Funeral – Survey (Open)

Survey – Open Session

Anyone of you attend to Jung Da Bin Funeral?

<a> Yes, Attended

<b> No.

<c> Others


7 Responses to “Jung Da Bin’s Funeral – Survey (Open)”

  1. DSvT Says:

    , wish to, but no…

  2. mia Says:

    its that true???
    how sad it was….

  3. Nina Says:

    I am really sad.Why she have to do that?She’s too young to die.In Christian , killing yourself is wrong.its seems like end your own life eventhough your life is have a long journey to go through.Well,it is a fate.No one can change the death of her.I want yo go to her funeral and cry.

  4. Rainnie Says:

    how I wish you are alive, DABIN……. christians cannot commit suside. It’s wrong!

  5. kcwill Says:

    well. . . I couldn’t say nothing ’bout her death.
    Jung Da – Bin was really a great actress. . . I was her avid fan. . . I’m really sad about what happened. May she rest in peace.

  6. tamahome009 Says:

    i hope shell be happy wherever she is

  7. tamahome009 Says:

    his bf is such a loser

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