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From begining of year 2008, there are already few colleagues resign from the job. Normally people will leave the job from Jan (after bonus) until May (Mid year). Why?

January until May is the peak period for people to resign, so is much more easier to change job (due to many vacancy). So, after May or mid of year will be less favor to resign, coz company will start to evaluate staff’s performance to give points for BONUS. Due to this reason, I don’t think there will be any colleague resign from their job.

Last year there are more than 10 persons leave my company, and this year also almost 10 persons left their job. Next week onwards, one of my teammate will goto Japan for 4 months training, He will enjoy his long holiday at Japan as I had last year.

Hopefully after this, nobody will leave their job.

Next post will discuss about why people wish to resign and change job (Malaysian’s thinking).

>> Before the next post, do you have any opinion on the next topic?


3 Responses to “People come, people go~”

  1. seneca Says:

    Often people change jobs because they do not feel fully valued by their employer.

    Long ago, I was an Assistant Buyer at Sears Roebuck, a huge American retailer. My National Manager had 33 Buyers and Assistant Buyers in his department.

    I thought I was doing an excellent job, but his review of me was just “good”. He said “Mike, when you have 33 guys out there, it’s difficult to tell that one is superior to another.”

    Shortly thereafter, I quit and got into a sales job where performance was easily measured and I was valued.


  2. kamera Says:

    But some people put into our heart deep track when who go

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