Life beside the edge had MOVED

Dear friends, readers, and fans…

After 1 year and 9 months in WordPress, finally I find a home for Life beside the edge. At last I got my ever 1st domain & hosting. There are a lots to learn about having a own hosting. It is much more complicated compare to now, especially doing all this by my own (A old internet user but laid man to hosting). Luckily I received the support from Alien (Chang, my ex-colleague), today I successfully created my own little empire in the world wide web…

This is Life beside the edge new home address,

!!! CLICK HERE !!!

Hope even though I’d moved to new home, I still can get/receive the supports from you. And I also will try my best to gives you useful information as I always does. Blogsphere is the biggest friend’s network in the world, I knew many good friend in here, I know you all.

I think here I need to send my great appreciation to Skywindows who gives me lots of support during my initial time at year 2006. She is my 1st fan in wordpress. From her writing, I learn how to blog, and how to share.

Last by not least, I’m happy to know all of you, and this is not somekind of farewell for forever, I just move this blog to new home, and we will meet you all there~ All the best to you~

Sincerely from,
DSvT (Alan Lim)


5 Responses to “Life beside the edge had MOVED”

  1. 阿晶 Says:

    Hey! Congratulations for having your own domain dude!

  2. jenni Says:

    can’t open your new website.

  3. DSvT Says:

    Please try again~

  4. toner Says:

    Thanks for information

  5. gundam 00 toys Says:

    Hello, I had been researching the web & I discovered the web site. Continue the exceptional work.

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