Domestic Violence Awareness

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My friend skywindows started to write something about domestic violene which always happened around us, especially at home (The place which would be very safe to everybody).What do you can do when the home is a place of war/violence?

For me, I really do wish to see a world with full of violence issue, house violence is the most happening nowaday. So frequent we can read about the news regarding “husband bitting wife, husband torture the wife, step-father raped step-daughter” and etc…

I think all these is enough, please wake up, we, as a human who created by god should love each other everyday, every hour, every minute. Time is not enough to love, please do not waste any for all these useless activity. If you feel so tension and feeling that no one is caring about you, you may moved yourself to the jungle and try to chase tiger inside there, but not try to torture your family member just to release tension~

Friend, please take few minute to think about this~

I matter a changes of mind, one minute can be heaven, if not the next minute will be hell~

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The National Domestic Violence Hot line : Click here

2 Responses to “Domestic Violence Awareness”

  1. seneca Says:

    Unfortunately, in America, we do have our share of domestic violence. It is often fed by alcohol.

    Some females have the “Battered Women’s Syndrome” and feel they deserve the beatings.

    It is quite sad.


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