Rich Son, Poor Son (Me..)

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Got idea of writing this from
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“Rich Dad always lead to Rich Son~” by DSvT (1980 ~ )

Above statement is a universal true, we (as a son in young age) can not turn to be rich unless our daddy is rich. Even there are some exceptional cases, such like ICQ creator, Facebook creator and etc build up their huge fortune in young age.

Actually there are many “Rich son” around us, in my previous post I do mentioned about a guy from my company drove Ferrari Spider F430 to work which amazed most of us (Details click here). Being rich is a dream or target by everyone of us. All I can say is, every singe one of us is capable to be rich if you grab the chance at the right time, as all the entrepreneur does.

We no need to jealous on what our friend got, cause we have our own too. Think about this…

His father make 100K/day, Our Father maybe earn about 100/day (Based on 3K/mth)
His father bought him Ferrari which cost 3Million, and our father also bought us car, but kancil which cost is around 30K.

Please see this basic calculation,
Earning (Approx):
Rich Dad = 100,000
Poor Dad = 100

Car for son:
Ferrari = 3,000,000
Kancil = 30,000

Actually, our father is much more better than their so called rich dad. Why?
Their dad earning much more than our father, but the value they spent on their children is lesser compare our father. Kindly refer to the calculation below,

Earning (Approx):
Rich Dad = 100,000
Poor Dad = 100
Ratio >> 100,000/100
= 1000times

Car for son:
Ferrari = 3,000,000
Kancil = 30,000
>> 3,000,000/30,000
= 300times

Now should see, even our father is eaning 1000times less than their father, but what our father provide to us is much more expensive/high price compare to their earning. Got the ideas?
Basically everyone of us have a good life, having sport car at home doesn’t mean happiness. Oh yes, it mean you’re rich, but other than that, there isn’t any proof that you’re happy.

I got my 1st car from my daddy at my age 18, is an old car but is good for me to practice my driving skill. Then father bought me New Kancil (Latest model) on my forth year at College. Then I got my 3rd car, 2nd new car (Toyota) from my father at my age 25(Basically this car he just pay for the down payment and I pay for the installment). Can I consider myself lucky or rich? No, I don’t. Because all these is the gift of god/father, not from myself.

Until few weeks ago, finally I feel that I’m really happy because I bought my own house. This is my own achievement, If you have reached this stage, you sure will have the same feeling.

“Get what you need by your own hand, and not from our father~”


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    Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

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