My Office, My second Home

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My Office, Emm… Should say it as my second Home!! It is because I stay in office from Monday ~ Friday, From Morning 0700 ~ 2100 each day, and some Saturday will have to come back office to settle all the weekday unfinished jobs/tasks. The time I spent at home is so little during the weekday, I think almost only sleep at home, and that’s all. Haha~

So decorate my office desk will be the most important things for me each day… As you all should know, I recently being transfer to new department and work as Japan HQ representative to Malaysia factory, work description is almost same (R&D jobs still). But the good thing of transfer is… I got 2 table and 2 PC. That make my primary table become more spacious and lead to putting more Toys on it. Haha~

This the JR East (JR東日本 Jeiāru Higashi-Nihon) map for Tokyo Area. I marked each place which I had been visited by my surname chop “林”(はやし-hayashi). I think I can be a very good tourist guide for Tokyo, cause I had been shopping everyday at Tokyo for 2 months, especially for the Akihabara Area (I bought all the toys from there~).

This is the right hand side of my table, my toys area.

These are my hand phones and their toys too.

*** I think everyone should try to decorate or put something funny, something make ourself relax at our office. Don’t work hard, work smart! and work happy!

4 Responses to “My Office, My second Home”

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