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“i feel like something missing…i miss him so much T-T” – Taken from Friend’s MSN title.

I bet that anyone come across this statement will have the thinking that she miss him very much! What do you think when you see your friend’s MSN title with this kind of msg?

For me, the 1st impression is, she must be missing him very much, then another idea will come out in my mind that she maybe wish people to know that she miss him. If the one who miss by her is missing in action, then how he will see this msg, right? If he can’t see the msg then what is the purpose of writing it?

I wish to inform my friend to tell that boy directly, but when I log in to MSN, at the same time she log off. Maybe will tell her next time~ Friend, if you wish to let someone know that you like/love him/her, please inform them directly, don’t play hide and seek, and don’t put simple statement which maybe never seen by him/her~


One Response to “Easy to make statement”

  1. kmd7 Says:

    IMO, sometime ppl just need to express out his /her state of emotion….not necessarily must there be a receipient…like if u curse, its not necessary to hv a receipient but after u cursed u feel better. the expression she wrote is the same (at least to me).

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