Unstable feeling

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I don’t feel comfortable today,
Something is bothering me…
I felt bored the whole day…

Maybe due to I’m too tired,
Maybe due to I’m sick (Fever),
Maybe, there are too many uncertainty~

Maybe I shouldn’t come to work today~


5 Responses to “Unstable feeling”

  1. zeniamai Says:

    Ahh, some oh so familiar reasons not to get off work

  2. seneca Says:

    My Friend,

    You posted the amount of time you spend at the office in a different part of your blog.

    You might need more sleep. I don’t know how you do it.

    I now have your blog up in two sessions so I can listen to that beautiful music as I type this.


  3. DSvT Says:

    Basically I am doing R&D job and time spent in office is much more longer than other jobs but the load is much more easy/light.

    I will try my best to rest more~

  4. Elina Davirro Says:

    Great work once again. Thanks)

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