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Enchanted, a 2007 musical film presented by Walt Disney Pictures. I just watched it with my younger sister. During it shows on the cinema, I was at Tokyo and there isn’t showing it at that time. All I can said it is a lovely sweet love story which can be understand by children. The magic well which brought Giselle and everyone come to reality world from Fairy Tales is similar to Doraemon‘s item ~ anyplace door (in chinese called任意门). A door which can bring people goto other places, also similar to the Gate in Star Gate.

Giselle come to the real world and she created a lot of trouble to the one who help her, Robert and his daughter, Morgan. She waited her Prince to come to rescue and meanwhile she started to have strange feeling on Robert. Love isn’t something stay togother longer means better, Giselle and Robert only spent few days together, their relationship is from stranger to good friend. Robert find the lost piece of life in Giselle and Giselle also experience what true meaning of love is. At the end, Robert and Giselle stay together and live happily ever after. (this is fairy tales ending~)

Giselle(middle) do not know who is the real love for her, Robert (right) or Prince Edward (left).

For the Prince Edward finally brings Nancy(Robert’s girl-friend for 5 yrs) back to Fairy Tales world (Is a little bit hard to accept~, but as long happy ending for Nancy).

From this film, we can see that Love does not mean how long, how much valuable time you spent together with, is the matter of feeling. Without the real/correct feeling, everything is just like fairy tales. When the feeling is right/true, eventhough you just met the person, but you still will falls in love with him/her.


Do you find your love one now?
Please try to love them from the bottom of your heart. Daily routine action (Kiss, make love, calls) do not represent love. Love is something you need to put effort/spirit/soul on every second you two spent together. How you find you true love, and make sure they are safe under your protection…


4 Responses to “Enchanted”

  1. seneca Says:

    We all want a perfect woman – gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, personable, of good character.

    I’m finding that my greatest obstacle is that I am not the man a perfect woman deserves. To rectify this, I am focusing on personal growth, both physical and in developing my human spirit.

    I have posted photos of Angela. She is the new girl with whom I am living. I refer to her as “Sunshine” in two stories.

    Angela has stunned me as, in many ways, she is perfect. She is fully human, loving, and caring. She has none of the huge defects the women in my other stories have. The problem is that those other women give me material for stories which are fascinating to me. They are difficult to give up.

    Angela has given me Hope and some contentment. I will do my best to treat her well so she stays here. I do love her.

    Still listening to the music.


  2. DSvT Says:

    I’m a bit confuse, Sunshine story have a photo of a girl named sunshine too, that is not Angela, your mean?

    Ok. Actually there isn’t any perfect match after all. If by consider perfect match, then I also not the man for the good girl deserves. I think happy at the moment or love at the moment is important. Other than that think later~

  3. seneca Says:

    Yes, it is confusing.

    I don’t like to identify real people with my true stories, so, on my blog, I did not identify Angela as the real Sunshine.

    Angela is the girl who lives with me and is the girl about whom I write the Sunshine stories.

    Sandy Summers is a model whom I have never met and whose photos are in the Sunshine stories. Angela’s photos should be in the Sunshine stories, but I do not want to identify her with the stories. This allows me to post the truth without people knowing whom I’m really writing about.

    Angela just may be the best woman I have ever met. I do hope she lives with me a long time.


  4. DSvT Says:

    Is lucky to found a person who you wish to stay together with for longterm, As for me, I found mine too. Her name appear in the blog once in a while but I just same thinking as you,

    >> I love the girl, but there isn’t a need to tell everybody who is her, coz she is always in my heart and soul~

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