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“Without Love, women would not make love with man”


“With or without love, Man can make love with anyone”

Man is different from women, they can have sex with women before they falls in love with them. Women can’t have sex with the man who don’t love her.

So, for female friend, please remember this, do not think that the man who sleep with you yesterday night will remember you today.

Life’s question:
1~ Do you make love with the person who do not confirm to love you?
2~ Do you think people will love you after having sex with you?


5 Responses to “SEX or LOVE”

  1. gamewarden Says:

    Yes and No for we must first distinguish the difference between love and straight out sex, anyone can have sex at any given moment with any given person nuff said there. Then we must look at the different levels of love or shall I say degrees of such.
    1. phileo = brotherly love more or less platonic
    2. eros = this is erotic love which is more on the physical
    3. Agape= this is a sacrificial love the kind of love that is truly and genuinely an ultimate commitment.
    The scenario of the farm animals come to mind, one day the cow, the chicken and the pig saw a big truck come to the farm on the side of the truck was a breakfast plate with a cold glass of milk on the plate was eggs,grits and bacon, the cow and the chicken rejoiced at being able to contribute
    the Pig said for you two it’s a contribution but for me it’s a committment.

  2. DSvT Says:

    //you two it’s a contribution but for me it’s a committment//

    It so true, cow and chicken is just contribute but not so involved, as for pig, it become main item in the dishes. Contribution and Commitment is totally differ concept. In Sex, we can say is some kind of contribution, but in love, it is commitment.

    Am I right?

  3. seneca Says:

    My gods, the cultural evolutionists, do agree with you. It is the essence of Man to have as many offspring as possible and to insure that his women are monogamous so as to have his babies, not the babies of others.

    I am finding that young American girls, for example age 20, are like our young men. They have sex very often with a variety of males. It is quite disappointing to me.

    I admit that I may be associating with the more dysfunctional women, so perhaps my judgement is incorrect.

    Still listening to the music.


  4. jared Says:

    sex and love are different
    cos some men do it to satisfy desire
    some for fun
    others to enjoy
    but not for love

  5. DSvT Says:

    Well, so true…

    Welcome, please visit my own site –

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