Pressure of LOVE

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Love should be a simple / easy understand feeling. but when your partner start to put their expectation on you, and you will started to feel tension. You will feel like you have some target to achieve, if failed, your partner will disappointed.

Do you put expectation on your partner?

Do you think you are useless in front of your partner?


8 Responses to “Pressure of LOVE”

  1. jonolan Says:

    Everyone puts the expectations on their partner.

  2. DSvT Says:

    Yes, we do put expectation, but is the expectation is too much for our partner or not? sometime really nobody care about~

  3. jonolan Says:

    That would a case-by-case situation. Sometimes our expectations can be met, sometimes they can’t be met, and sometimes they can be met but at a devastating cost to or partners.

    It gets really complicated when one person’s expectations are that their partner will have a particular set of expectations. You can gt into a situation where one person is trying to live up to expectations that aren’t actually there.

  4. Gryskó Says:

    i once had high expectation abt my partner, but… having expectations really hurts

  5. Nancy Says:

    In every relationship, each person should have expectations, otherwise, why are you together? The key is to express those expectations honestly, and discuss any conflict that arises. All expectations are not reasonable, but they can destroy a relationship if they are ignored.

  6. DSvT Says:

    Agreed, is case by case. few days ago, my friend come to me and told me a quote sound like this~

    Do not insist for the thing which you should not insist and do not give up for the thing you should not give up.

    The main ideas is we need to understand each stituation and take necessarily/correct action.

    having expectation won’t hurt, but… having an expectation will your partner can’t reach is hurt, and knewing he can’t achieve mainly due to he not putting effort on, is much much more heart breaking…

    We be together is because we have something in common, is just like you come to read my post is mainly due to the subject which you wish to know more in details >> common interest~

    a friendly/achievable expectation will helps two person in building up the good relationship, vice versa.

  7. kmd7 Says:

    Just be urself la….thts how she fell in love w/ u in the first place, right.

    2nd argument, see wht kind of expectation.

    some r good (u know wat r these) some r not meant to be. like if she wants u to be another person which she has in her mind image, then myb find some1 who appreciate the way u r lol

    most complain i see from couples is guy not ambitious, etc enough…then this one i tink shud hv a compromise. well myb case by case basis…dono lol

  8. DSvT Says:

    It really depend on case by case basis… Every single love story had their problem. To settle it/how to settle it is the essential part of LOVE.

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