Prostitute (Customer Service)

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Based on the Oxford dictionary:

prostitute —n. 1 woman who engages in sexual activity for payment. 2 (usu. male prostitute) man or boy who engages in sexual activity, esp. with homosexual men, for payment. —v. (-ting) 1 (esp. refl.) make a prostitute of (esp. oneself). 2 misuse or offer (one’s talents, skills, name, etc.) for money etc.  prostitution n. [Latin prostituo -tut- offer for sale]

//woman who engages in sexual activity for payment// is called Prostitute, then a women who engages some product marketing for payment, how we address them? Some might says it is marketing executive, some says sales person, mostly will consider them as customer service PIC (person in charge). But why two people doing almost similar sector, but the name/title was so different.

Anyone can share your ideas with us?


3 Responses to “Prostitute (Customer Service)”

  1. gamewarden Says:

    I think pro are more mercenary in their approach, What do I mean? well for one they have one goal in mind and going through the motions to get to the goal or the end result makes a little difference how ever subtle.
    In days of antiquities pro, were women or nations that were unfaithful to the Great creator, it was a thing of being unfaithful instead of getting the $ and how many they went through obtain what they were after.
    If you have a chance and you’re up to it read the story of Oholah and Ohalibah, Ezekiel 23.
    There’s a spiritual Pros and a Physical Pros.

    Game warden

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