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Getting married is not an individual matter, is both parties. In chinese culture, when a man wish to marry a women they need to choose the “best luck” date todo so (For the wedding ceremony). Chinese will go thru the Chinese’s calender (Lunar Calendar) and find the most suitable date for the ceremony. Now, I’m doing this kind of survey and seeking for the best day for my own big day.

Is something new to me, but is something brighten my life. Since 1998, we go thru everything throughtout all this years, now is the time I got to inform everybody that “YOU’re My wife”…

p/s: For those who knew me in person, My schedule for the ceremony target on next year (Mid/2009)

2 Responses to “Getting Married”

  1. gem Says:

    I am pretty much familiar with this arrangement, as we have Chinese immigrants in our country.

    I am not sure if the date for the wedding that you are picking up follows the rules of Feng Shui… but it sounds like it is the one that you are trying to do.

    Good luck then…

  2. lunar calender Says:

    […] women they need to choose the ???best luck??? date todo so For the wedding ceremony. Chinese will go Lunar CalendarFor instance, if the woman is 27 years old and her baby is conceived in […]

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