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Any difference between a blogger (a person who blog) and a writer (a person who write book or else)?

1. Both of them doing something similar >> Write something
2. Both of them earn something >> Money or reputation

Can anyone show/teach me the difference between them?

5 Responses to “Blogger Vs Writer”

  1. blogscapes Says:

    Well, both would need good writing skills, but in a way, I guess a blogger would be more free to express himself or herself, unlike a writer whose writing would be subjected to editor’s reviews and possibly rewrites.

  2. Manel Says:

    The blogger receives an “on-line” feedback from the readers, while the writer can receive it with some time.

  3. Cliff Burns Says:

    Blogging is more intuitive, an immediate reaction to the events unfolding around us. Writing is more self-conscious, an effort to create an artificial world, carefully crafted, aesthetic (rather than emotional) considerations at the forefront.

    I use different mental muscles when I’m writing a novel or story than I do when I’m blogging. I don’t bring the same level of scrutiny to bear on my blog posts–lucky thing too, or they’d be years apart (my last novel, a supernatural mystery I’ve just posted on my blog, took three years to write–a short story requires anywhere from 6 weeks to six months).

  4. DSvT Says:

    Agreed, blogger have more freedom to express our point of view. We can write on any topic we love to, and even we can choose when to write and when to stop too. Writer write based on readers’ interest.

    Instant feedback make blogger’s life more colorful. Normally we can get immediate comment on the topic we shared and we shared the ideas on top of the topic too.

    Cliff Burns:
    You are writing books, sound great. Currently my chinese blogger comrade is working on her book, maybe release to market around May’08 (Only available at Malaysia). I will goto your blog, thank for the comment.

  5. mountain biking gear Says:

    Do you have twitter? Great stuff by the way…

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