Oops… Someone downblouse?

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People love/dying to see others(Female) downblouse, What is the reason behind? Don’t know. If you know, please share your opinion. Thanks. click for the downblouse short video


3 Responses to “Oops… Someone downblouse?”

  1. gamewarden Says:

    Sometimes it’s so obvious,being that 90% of all communication is nonverbal the internal dialog that goes on in our heads can’t see what we’re attempting to convey which what I cover in my book “The Nature of the Beast” if we dress inmodestly what are we saying? that I want to appeal to your inner secrets I want your mind to be distracted for a split second, I want that control…. and then there is the mind of the those beholding what dose it dwell upon? what dose it treasure?behold a mystery is being revealed before your eyes dose your mind set say look away Dixieland
    or dose try to see the mystery down the rabbit hole?
    try telling a dog not to wag it’s tale or lap it’s vomit
    or keep the sow for the mud after you’ve cleaned her you’ll find it’s in their nature to be congruent with who they are.



  2. Joe Says:

    The breasts are the most pronounce part of a woman’s body so we visualize that with the female form. Men (and some women) love breasts because we’re programmed that way as they are a form of sexual stimulation in seeing and touching. Looking down a blouse gives voyeuristic pleasure, may be because it doesn’t last very long, may be because it can sometimes be exposed by females who aren’t always aware of what they’re showing. The female can be of any age, relation or involved in any relationship as it’s only the breast that catches one’s eye. Some prefer their downblouse views when a woman wears a bra seeing it as well as the breasts inside of it or a buttoned blouse exposing bits of the bra. Others like looking at those without bras as seeing the nipple counts as almost seeing the entire breast. It could stem from childhood seeing schoolmates develop or being exposed to developed females as part of a male’s sexual fantasy or his introduction to adolescence which of course then may feed his masturbation fantasy. Some may just enjoy the fascination in youth as a quick thrill, while others may continue to enjoy the view all through life, others quite sadly might become “peeping toms” or perverts taking drastic measures to satisfy the craving for the peek. But to answer the question of why those are so fascinated in this case with looking down blouses is like asking why breasts or any other body part is a turn on.

  3. DSvT Says:

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