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There are so many type of love in this world. I think most of you had been faced/experience few type of love, such as aggressive love, slow love, sweet love or sad story love. But there is a type of love which is not experience by everyone of us. That’s call INVISIBLE LOVE.

Some love grows in us when we, ourself do not notice it. It grows slowly by slowly and from time to time… When the time we found we are in love, is the time you knew you can’t live without him/her. But when this love called invisible love meaning you will not inform her/him of the truth, it is because they already have a partner beside them when the 1st time you met her/him. In chinese we use to say “meet each other when the time is not right” for this kind of situation.

Nowaday, there are more and more invisible love in this world. Mainly due to the advance of internet technology and the software for internet communication. When all these, it make people getting closer to each other. Programme such like MSN messenger make people communicate with each other no matter how far we apart, when there is internet service, you may contact your friend. Cyber Love is one kind of Invisible love, but cyber sex is excluded.

To have an invisible love between two person is a difficult thing to manage. You don’t see the people you love, you only read their words, but you knew that you love them. So, friend, may I know how you manage this kind of relationship if you have one.


3 Responses to “Invisible Love”

  1. gamewarden Says:

    A long handle spoon could be a solution, but that answer is sarcastic to the seriousness of love, we don’t want be the only one feeding ourselves to someone who has an abundance of nutrition coming their way because it then becomes a work of futility and yet loving someone is just that giving and expecting a little in return,the reality to that is we can give until we are no more we’ve fed the belief and the commitment to that becomes a date after a hyphen.

  2. Harshajyoti Das Says:

    I really enjoyed reading it.

  3. Harshajyoti Das Says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article. I really got to know many things from this articles. Good Job.

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