Can I enter to heaven?

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This story been told by my friend during college time…just a silly joke and nothing relate to religion or else…

There were 3 person died and being sent to heaven. Before they enter to Heaven,They met with the guardian angel in front of the gate and the story began…

Angel : hey, hold hold hold… Heaven has limited space and we current not encourage people to enter heaven, you may try your luck at Hell…

3 person just feel shock when listen to this info, and they start to negotiate with that angel…
(the 3 person name math, science and gangster)

math: how come? we are good people, we done all the good thing before died, why we can’t enter to heaven? anyway to enable us to enter heaven?

angel: Emm…. let’s see… How about everyone of you come out with a difficult question to ask me, If I do not manage to answer then I will let you go in, but if I manage to answer it, you will go straight to the HELL.

After some discussion, these 3 person willing to take this challenge… and math is the 1st person, science 2nd and last is gangster.

math: (Mathematics specialist) bla… bla… bla… bla… (some math question which doesn’t have answer in the world), ok, please answer…

Angel: (within split second) bla… bla… bla…

and the answer seem to be correct, so Math go to HELL directly.

science: (Genius in science) bla… bla… bla… (again something never hear before)

Angel answered the question too, and so science been sent to HELL too… and now last person is gangster, he felt scared but he must try in order to enter to heaven. so he request to angel that he need a chair for demostrate his question, a kind of plastics chair which with many holes on the place we sit.
and the gangster sit on it and fart then he ask….

gangster: which hole the fart come out?

Angel: (there are some many holes on the chairs, which one? and how to determine?) emm…

After few hours, finally angel give-up…

angel: I do not know the answer for this question and you may enter to heaven, welcome… but before you enter, please tell me the answer, ok?

gangster: (happy) emm… actually the answer is very simple, is ….. ASS hole…

angel: #@#%&$#$#

** Lesson learned:
Do not think something by only one direction, there are more answer when you change your own point of views.


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