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Today I reached to office late, and it doesn’t mean that I wake up late. I’m late because~~~~
0615 – wake up,
0630 – Prepared and ready to off to work,
0640 – Start the journey to work,
0655 – wondering why the sky full of dark smoke,
0700 – STUCK in the traffic Jam。
Right after 15minutes of drives, I saw thick smoke in the sky not far from my place….
So weird? Anything happened in front there?
Affirmative. Accident happened in fornt there, moreover, the involved vechicle is burning~~~
That is a terrible traffic jam and all the car stop. I come out from the car and see what actually happens in front there. by looking the car Q-up behind my car, looks like neverending queue…
At last, the fire had been taken out by the fire fighter team and we start to move forwards slowly, I manage to catch this photo of the burned vechicle.

I was late to work about 20 minute due to 1 hours trap in the jammed. Why the fire fighter take such a longtime to put out the fire? Not their fault, they do their job well and put out the fire within 20minutes. It is because when the traffic started to stop slowly and finally fully stop, many cars try to goto the emergency lane which located at the left hand side (normally used for motorcycle lane). They block the way of fire engine to reach the destination, and lead to the delay of recue jobs….

I really hope that all malaysian would try to think, do not use the emergency lane even traffic jammed. Delay of recue jobs might lead to many deaths. Let imagine that this morning, if the truck which is on fire, it might blow up anytime, and it is lucky that we can put out the fire on time.

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