Zarina An-Julie

A very cute Malays actress named Zarina An-Julie. Too many gossips about her, such as breast enhancement….
but the most sad things is her photos with a guys had been forwarded to many emails. Included some naked photos. Just wondering why people love to take photo during the intimate session?

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6 Responses to “Zarina An-Julie”

  1. zainah_ismail Says:

    akum……….cedhnyer aku tengk dier..muke cantk tp lgsung xpndai brsyukur kat tuhan.alangkah bgusnyer kalo dier xmcm 2,,kpd doktor azmann,jgn la cedh ngan prangai dier 2,kite cedh tp dier wat xtau jer,,xde gunenyer jgk kn.kite brdoa jer kat tuhan smoge 1 hri nnti dier akan insaf & terbuke pintu hidayah untk nyer.mudh2an kite dapt memaaf kn kesalahn nyer..

  2. zakar zakaria Says:

    harap muka ja lawa nk buat apa,barang dalam dh rosak..

  3. ad Says:

    zarina punya body very nice…….

  4. How to grow roses Says:

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