Ikeda Library

Someway in Malaysia, there is a Chinese high school named the Library by a Japanese name “Ikeda” and created many questions. Many people start to write many article to comment on this issue, mostly to the negative and provoke direction…

Some asked why the Libray need to be named after him, what he had done on the library?
Some might ask that why don’t we named it by some chinese politician name?

Many questions raised just because he is Japanese. Basically I think many people do not know Ikeda sensei (sensei = Teacher) very well. He is the president of SGI (Soka Gakkai International), he always received more than 220 honour prof. from many university around the world, the most important is most given by China’s university. He is a writer too, he write a lot of books, most of them teach people to do well in life, and more understand to meaning of life.

For me, I think there is nothing wrong to name a library by a Japanese name. What do you think?


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