Girls in Japan

At the train every girl busy with all the make-up works. Sometime I wonder does appearance come to be so important until every girl so concern about. For me, the inner beauty seem to be more important than other things. Don’t you agreed with me?

At Japan almost all the girl faces cover by the thick make-up, I also sometime wondering how is the actual look like. When have to cover us by all these things? Why cannot let people see the real you?

Last time I read about a post regards the advertisement and girls. I t said that girls kills by the advertisement. You know why? Because all the advertisement promotes “slim”, “sexy” concept, it lead to every girls have the common thinking. Then everyone dying to diet for become slimmer.

Is the fault of advertisement or the fault of miss-lead?


One Response to “Girls in Japan”

  1. Ankur Aggarwal Says:

    its like a wallpaper…
    you have to peel several layers before you reach the real her

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