Journey to Minami Kashiwa carry hope, a simple hope of mine. I can see someone at there. Even though the journey is far, but I willing to do so. The feeling is much move better than talking with someone I love but it seem like stranger to me. I being calling someone for the previous few days, but the more we had chat the weirder feeling appeared. the feeling is totally no good. I hate this kind of feeling, coz it isn’t good at all. I hate the speech like I miss you so much but what She doing is opposite way.


4 Responses to “Fed-up”

  1. dallenia Says:

    youll be fine just do your thing .

  2. DSvT Says:

    I’m doing well at here, doing fine, need not to worry!

  3. kamera Says:

    Dont wory be happy

  4. http://www.beyond-within.com/what-is-my-spirit-animal-faq.html Says:

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