Need or don’t need

When a person need a help,
he/she will try to contact all the possible candidates,
to seek for helps.

Once the problem had been solved,
he/she will just forget all the candidates,
in just few seconds.

I find you coz I need you;I forget you coz there isn’t a need of remembering you anymore – DSvT

4 Responses to “Need or don’t need”

  1. rainechong Says:

    this is quite bad. well, i really hope that friends do not really like that..

  2. DSvT Says:

    I do hope she not that bad, hope what I think is not right!

  3. daniel Says:

    How realistic…
    On a different note, maybe she’s just a little bit too excited after settling her problem that she suddenly forgets about her candidates?

  4. DSvT Says:

    To all,
    Thanks for the concern.

    Proven that I’m wrong. I shouldn’t make assumption so early.

    But maybe Daniel said the point, sometime happened on us too. When we got something settle/solve, we will enter a sudden “memory lost” mode. Coz the joys cover all the details…

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