Distance, the amount of space between 2 places. In nowaday Technology level, we can amount overcome every kind of distance. For example, from Malaysia to UK, longtime ago it is impossible todo so, but now 13.5hrs take to will bring you there. We can say no way on earth we cant go by now.

There is a kind of distance which we cant measure and we don’t know how far in between. That is the distance between 2 people, their thinking. their minds and their souls.

2 people, even though couple, they will have different thinking. and the thinking can be opposite direction, or not related at all.

So, do you faced the same problem?


4 Responses to “Distance”

  1. ifonlyi Says:

    very true,distances like ths can never b overcome,as the more u’ll try too do,the void is gonna get bigger.distances between souls can only b measured n covered by ur heart…

  2. DSvT Says:

    yes, the most sad thing is, the one who sit beside you is not thinking of you…

  3. ifonlyi Says:

    it’s even more sad,when the one thnkng abt u,is nt by ur side…..u knw he’s their but u can never reach him!!

  4. DSvT Says:

    Yes, you’re right.
    Is very difficult to find a person you love, and she love you in return and be able to stay together…

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