Today is Chinese’s Moon Cake Festival. I think the Bright Moon play a major roles in all the weird things happened tonight.

When the moon is full and bright, werewolves will appear, based on euro old day saying. but in Chinese culture, Chinese’s vampire will appear to seek for the blood. It is funny, right?

But in nowadays, even though there aren’t any werewolves or vampire, but always many strange things happened during the night with bright full moon. Especially my mind can’t think logically throughout tonight. There are so many things inside my mind and speed down the processing speed. Maybe my mind still using the Pentium 150Hz processor (Joke).

The day right after the bright full moon will be a brand new day with many brand new things to learn. I think it would be best for everyone who wish to restart your mind, make a wish to the moon to night. Your dream may come true tomorrow, who’ll know?

4 Responses to “Moon”

  1. danialhamzah97 Says:

    hope you enjoy your moon cakes .

  2. daniel Says:

    Alan, mind if I add you to my humble blogroll?

  3. DSvT Says:


    No problem. Thanks in advance.

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