Starless Night

Everyday need to walk about 10 minute from train station to the place I stay. On the way back, I always stare at the sky above.

Star-less sky again…

I look upon the sky and I see few familiar faces appeared. So nice, so clear presented in front of my eyes. But, too far for me to hold. Look from a distance make me feel lonely.

At that time, I think…

“Dear, what are you doing now?”


2 Responses to “Starless Night”

  1. ifonlyi Says:

    nite without stars tells a story in itself, u know what i feel,it’s really gud tht theirs starless nites every once in a while,as it let us knw how wht importnce their presence hold.u mght nt touch them but the feel tht they r arund whatever happens,mk u know tht atleast theirs someone too listen u when ppl mgt seem too walk out.

  2. DSvT Says:

    Starless night make people think,
    Make people flash back the memories beneath in our heart…

    Make me feel lonely…

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