My night

Simple normal night of Friday, everyone also tend to sleep late (Now is 0158 jpn time, I’m still awake). Tomorrow, where I should go? Ueno? Tokyo? Ginza? Akihabara?

I just back from my friend’s room, it been a long chat with him. We talked about our life in University and our work life too. He work for one of the famous Japan’s Supermarket as Executive, and I’m a Designer for Electrical appliances. 2 people from differ background, differ major, we shared a lots of things within 2 hrs talks.

I like this kind of chatting session. Sometime, we can tell our friend about our past, and at the same time, we recall back our sweet time at that moment. For example, I told him about my experience as Laboratory Assistance during my University 3rd and 4th year. When I told him, I recalled all my lecturers, friends and student (my junior). All their faces just flash in my mind, so real and it like I see them in front of me.

Yesterday, Tokyo being attack by Typhoon no.9 and It been very tough to everyone around Tokyo… Eventhough there isn’t any bad news for yesterday shows in TV, but many people suffer due to many train line stop because of strong wind. Japan is a very nice place to stay but it isn’t safe to stay…

I like Japan but I dislike it’s weather…


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