My mind… minds

Mind, My Mind
A place for me to process many thought. A location for myself to hide my feelling. My control centre.

Thinking power
I bet most of us always use our mind to think something, try to recall something which beneath deep in our memories. We might forget the things which happened but we will to know the details. Why? Maybe we just too free and got nothing todo… or maybe we would like to get back the feeling at that point of time.

I like to search back my memories which I nearly forget… Is such a good feeling it’ll be. The memories which we found it back, is something we don’t wish to forget it again, and will try hard to memorize it well. For me, soemthing happened on 17.March.2006 and that make a big change in my life. I almost lost everything I owned and at the same time, I might get many new thing in return. I go thru bitter and struggling time. But at the same time, I have back my happiness which I lost touch for quite a time. That’s the memory I wouldn’t want to forget.

How about you?


2 Responses to “My mind… minds”

  1. jennisaku Says:

    you may forget the real things but some small details sometimes occur in your mind.normally
    people don’t want to remember the bad things which have happened,at least i’m like that-selective memory

  2. DSvT Says:

    We do select which to remember, which to forget…
    but sometimes, recall back our memories is really best… and great feeling…

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