Days in Tokyo

Without notice, I had been stayed at TOKYO,Japan for about 9 days. I’ll stay at Tokyo for about 2 months and half.

Tokyo is the most large City in Japan, with population reached about 30M. Everyday I need to travel about 1 hour to reached my HQ which located at Shibaura Hutou from Kinta Senju. In the morning, the train is so crowded, sometime I think we looked like satin-fish more than a human inside the train.

Their train system is much much more better and convinience compare to UK, which I stayed during my university time. In the morning, all the station fill up with people, and there are so many of them… Normally in Japan, they don’t drive to work due to heavy traffic and expensive car-park fees. For my case, I don’t have car in Japan.

Today is a little bit special to me, cause today Typhoon will reached Tokyo soon, maybe evening or maybe midnight. This is the 1st time I experience typhoon and hopefully it wouldn’t be a bad one.

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