Qoute of the day…

“In a relationship you have to communicate, which means listening to her talk. Ladies, you fake orgasms. We fake listening.”

Alonzo Bodden

“Women like jewellery. They’re like raccoons: Show them some shiny stuff and they’ll follow you home.”

Alonzo Bodden

“I was studying psychology and then I went straight into therapy.”

Wendy Liebman

“If the food needed pepper, it should be on it.”

Michael McIntyre

“Men think about sex every seven seconds, which I think makes talking to your dad very creepy.”

Jimmy Carr

“Viagra has instructions: ‘Keep away from children’ – what kind of man do you think I am?”

Jimmy Carr

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2 Responses to “Qoute of the day…”

  1. threestrongcoffees Says:

    Nice ones. The first line is talking about some fact and the second one gives a new way of looking at it.

  2. DSvT Says:


    I took this post from Enagar.
    I love the 1st line the most.
    In this world how many fake smile, fake conversation, fake friendship, even sometime fake family…

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