I love you

Currently I’m kinda busy with all my Japanese lesson (Nihongo). I need to cover all the 25 lesson within 6 weeks (which in normal university take about 9 months to finish). If I can’t manage to cover all of them, meaning I’m not able to speak Japanese, and a man who don’t know how to speak their language stay in Tokyo will definitely can’t survive.

Even though I’m busy with all the homework, but I still can steal sometime for blogging and learn other foreign language such as Thai-go and Tagalog…

The 1st phrase I wish to learn from them is the “I love you”.

In Thai language:
I love you = Phom luk Kun/Phom chak Kun
I love you non stop = Phom luk kun mai mi wa yud

In Tagalog,
I love you = Mahal Kita
I love you very much = Mahal na Mahal Kita.

Feel so good to learn other languages. I will update you all if I learn more from them.


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