Are you trying to help?

On earth there are many living creatures, one of the species called Human Being. Human being have their brain and mind, and able to think or process all think of information, or transfer it to each other…

Human being = People = Us…

Started from Adam & Eve, everyone one of us always keep on thinking of the method to improve “Human’s Life”. For example, Thomas Edison invented a lot of items and influence the present life directly (He improve the value of living). This is a good example for improving Human’s life.

I think most of us will always keep on think of the method/way to improve your life. Or some might have greater ambition to some extent to improve society/country/world condition/environment. I really do appreciate all the good effort from the one who keep working on the living quality improvement. We enjoy our daily life due to the Thomas Edison invention of Long life light Bulb. You can read my post due to the invention of computer and internet and also the creator of wordpress. They’re doing well for us, and we should appreciate it.

Think to help, doesn’t means you’re able to help

Do you get the meaning of about sentense? It means that you’re trying to help someone but actually you’re creating more trouble towards someone.

Case study 1:

Jack which to help his friend(Alvin) who is in the love problem. First Jack goto ask Alvin about his problem, then he analyze the problem (He try to help Alvin). Jack found the root cause of Alvin problem, but he didn’t inform Alvin at the first place. Jack choose to inform Alvin’s girl friend (Esther) instead of Alvin. In Jack’s mind, he think that if he informed all his think (solution) to Esther, Esther will understood the problem and get back to Alvin again. But… That isn’t the actually happening…

Esther become much more angry on Alvin after talk with the Jack. She think Alvin goes to inform everyone on their break-up/problem. Esther would not like to see Alvin again due to this. Alvin do not know why all of sudden Esther become so miserable, and Jack just think that Esther is not an understanding type of girl. Jack still think he’d already help Alvin on this. Ironic, right?

Case study 2:

Elvis love to travel and he love to share the things that he know with friend. One day, his friend ask Elvis about some place which they wish to visit, and Elvis visited before. Elvis explained in details, Moreover Elvis decided to follow them to act like a tourist guide. Before depart from their home, Elvis told them that this travel will need a lot of walks and it will be very tiring journey. Everybody agreed and they start to move. Right after 1~2 hrs of walking under hot sun, his friend started to nag, to complaint of too much walking, they claims that they’re tired. They don’t wish to walk anymore and they wish to go back at once. So, Elvis bring them to the nearest railway station to go home.

Elvis wish to help, but the one who being help do not appreciate it.

Case study 3:

Jane faced some problem with her boyfriend(Raymond). She goto find answer from her friend (Eugene). Eugene always act like big brother to the other. So, he try to help Jane on her problem. Eugene and Raymond is good friend. Jane explained every single little things between Raymond and her to Eugene. Eugene analyze all the issues, some were Raymond’s fault and some were the mistake make by Jane too. This kind of trouble shooting activities carried out for about 3 months.

At last Eugene failed to help his friend (Jane & John) in their relationship. Cause Jane already fall in love with Eugene. Now, Eugene do not know how to inform his friend about this and he can only watch his friend suffering on the break-up…


No matter how you try to help people, mostly it turns out as “You’re trying to ruin their life”


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  1. jennisaku Says:

    i really adore you, two blogs can keep you quite does remind me to create an English- writing category in my blog, will see.

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