Wonderful Life…

The saddest thing in life is,
When you owned a lot of things,
but you felt lonely,
your life is full of emptiness.

The happiest thing in life is,
You do not know all the bad thing which happened around you,
In your mind, everything is so beautiful,
So nice to see, to hold,
But actually all the things already torn apart.

People does not notice that most of the bad things happened during the peace time.


6 Responses to “Wonderful Life…”

  1. threestrongcoffees Says:

    This is so true. Somethings in life take a turn when you least expect.

  2. DSvT Says:

    Yes, That’s what I would like to tell…

  3. kmd7 Says:

    i like this one^^

  4. DSvT Says:

    Wah… You like it…
    Is my pleasure to hear it!

  5. freewalkman Says:

    yes, it is true, i also believe what you say. as you know the sun is rise from east like everyday.everything is not change ,only your mood.

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