Life, what is it?

Many people are wondering what is the meaning of life

Yes, It will lead to a complicated answers.
And answers for it seem to be too many, too many possible answers.

I’d met many people for past 4 years (when I started to work). Different people gave me different feeling. They act differently too… I learned something from them and I wish to show you all some of my experiences.

I got a friend named Jane(not real name), she is a cheerful person and she got a lot of “boy” friends. I used to chit-chat with her, I know she is a nice girl. I always think the one who can become her boyfriend would be the most lucky one. Unfortunately, what I think is not what it happened. She’d failed in love a lot of time. I knew her for about 4 years, and she changed boyfriend for more than 15~20 times. Most of the time, she found that the boy was not suit to her after few weeks together.

I always asked her why? What is the reason? She can only tell me “No Fate”

In this case, I do not know whether the problem lied on her or on the others. But I still remains as her consultant (Free Of Charge) all the time.

Being Married doesn’t means being locked.

One of my friend named Nana(not real name), she is a married women but a year younger than me. At first I know her through friend, then we become friend in a short time. When the time goes, I found that she had a very conservative thinking. She is young but the mind set is belong to 200~300 years ago. I feel hard to get along with her, and her world is only her family and her… So small, she even build a wall around her mind to prevent any new ideas from sneaking into…

I wonder how people think of me?


One Response to “Life, what is it?”

  1. rockyoass Says:

    u? for me u are just 多情。

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