12nd day in Japan

Everyday, everyone will ask me a question which I do not have the answer for it…

Q: Is Japan interesting?
A: Maybe interesting, I’m not sure, I need more time to discover Japan, at least let me have few weeks in Yokohama, after that you might get some answer from me…

But, Japanese is like robot, should say is the AI robot. They always follows the same system and they would not break it, coz they’re worry to be different from other. Maybe I’m not right on this.

Yesterday, I attended a Lecture by Prof:Tanaka-san on the Japanese Business Characteristic. He mentioned that old time Japanese were more energetics compare to current new generation. In old time (right after WWII), Japan always start from zero and under monitoring of US and others. Everyone in Japan work very hard to survive, they realized that they need to work hard to achieve good result. They’re highly motivated one.

Current Japan is too comfortable and luxury, lead to the young generations become less motivated, less responsible and less hardworking…

I agreed. In Malaysia, this kind of bad result from development happened. Malaysia new generation might not know what is “Poor”, “work hard”, “responsibility”, “loyalty” and etc… They live in a “everything completed” environment, they need not to work hard for anything, coz everything provided from their parents. I don’t think in new generation, less people will think of “work for company/country”, their mind started to think of “work for money, then enjoy life”.

another type of question,
Q: Anything (especially the electrical appliances) cheap in Japan?
A: In Japan, there isn’t any cheap items. Most of the thing is much more expensive compare to Malaysia.

But, we still can get cheap items mainly due to their product always keep on replace by new product. eg. You bought a new cellphone on March, but the new model will launch at June. But the type you bought on March, will only launch at Malaysia next year… This is why we can get cheaper items. Understand…

I’d been to their cellphone shop, there are 100 types of them. Previous, when my time in UK, there isn’t so many variety to choose… Just think, these 100 type will replace by another 100 types on 3 months later… So, we actually can get a very fantastic phone at Japan free when you sign up for any network plan (such as Docomo…).

Wow, is 0713 now, I need to take my breakfast already. will write more next time.


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