Yokohama 18/Jul

I met with a group of AEON members in Yokohama Kenshu Center (YKC). They are come from Malaysia too. I am lucky to have them at here, my previous senior always come to YKC alone, 1 people from Malaysia only.

We decide to go walk around YKC area after dinner. but later on, we decided to go Yokohama Jusco which located very near to YKC (about 10 minute walk).

This trip to Japan, I forgot to bring many thing (especially spoon & fork). I go around the Jusco, it seem bigger compare to Jusco in my place. There are many kind of spoon for me to choose for, they are around 198yen to 400yen per piece. Surprisingly I found a spoon which have some gold color painting and the label stated Gold plated 24K. A spoon with gold plated and the selling price is just only 200yen per piece. Without any further consideration, I pick up the spoon and purchase it. This should be the 1st time I do purchase in Japan. I never bother what the cashier telling me (I don’t even know what he’s talking about…), I just look at the machine and pay the money as the price stated.
p1000532.jpg p1000533.jpg p1000528.jpg


2 Responses to “Yokohama 18/Jul”

  1. syeng Says:

    hi, may i ask why need bring own spoon $ fork?
    aren’t there got sells this stuff?

  2. DSvT Says:

    they will supplied but only at cafeteria not at the room… So, we need to buy our own one…

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