2nd morning in Yokohama

p1000516.jpg p1000517.jpg
I woke up at 6am (Malaysia should be 5am), I stood at balcony. Yokohama in the early morning is so peaceful, without much noise generated by vehicles. I think most of the people are preparing themselves for work and later by 7am, they will start to fill up the train which heading to town center such as Yokohama, Kawasaki or Tokyo.

I bet that most of the railway station will be very busy during this time… I, myself also need to attend my 1st class at 2nd floor seminar hall. I need to do a simple introduction by Nihongo.

All I says is…


Minasan, Ohaiyo gozaimasu,
Watashiwa mareshia no Alan desu,
dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Hopefully I get survive thru my 1st class with 0 knowledge of Nihongo…

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