Micheal Learns To Rock

[Song] You took my heart away ~~

What a wonderful concert by MLTR
I reached at Genting around 6pm and the concert start on 8pm, I checked in to my hotel room, then I rushed to the Arena of Star… I bought the Concert T-shirt, mouse pad…

I thought many of us had forgotten them, coz when they’re famous with their songs, such as 25 minutes and paint my love was during my high schooling time… sound like already 13 yrs ago…
Is happy to know that many people still love their songs as me… We all sang the song together with them (MLTR) in the concert… I beg that they must be happy that so many Malaysian still remember all their songs…


In the concert, MLTR sang the old time famous songs and some new song, they introduce a new song which recorded recently at India… (name not to mention here, please wait for their next album…)

I think the one who can’t go for this concert or failed to do so… I can say that you already missed a wonderful concert of MLTR…


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