Buyer’s tips

Most of us wish to own our own house, have a ordinary family, living happily ever after… Right? But the idea of buy a house is not a easy way.

Any mistake make cost dollar and cents… So, we should make the decision after a deep consideration. I read a post from Steven G. Atkinson with the title : tips on selling a house, very interesting and it gives information to all of us.

Here I write the few things we need to consider before we purchase a house.

1. Do you have enough money (buying power) – We need money to buy things, and we need a lot of money to buy a house. So, money should come into our mind 1st. Do you have enough money? We should ask to ourself. If we have enough of $$ then the others will be much more easy. Own a house is same like take up a commitment, this commitment (house loan) will follows you along the way (in Malaysia MAX. you can get 40yrs of installment period). Do you dare to pick up this kind of commitment? Think wise.

2. Location of the house – Not all the location is suitable to build house. We do not buy the house build beside the rubbish station, right? You do not wish that your house is about 100 miles away from town, right? Some house build at some high populated places, such as factory areas, beside the town areas or beside the sea side… We should choose the house which build near to town, easy to access all kind of services, such as Hospital and else… No point to stay far away from all the facilities, right?

House which build at factory areas mainly target all the factory workers, they always wish to stay near to their workplace… but, if you think about it deeply, the environment of the factory areas is not at good level. Too much of polluted gases cast out from the factory which might harm us… moreover, all the factory always build at rural areas which is very far from town…

3. What kind of environment you wish your children to grows up – A place for our children to grow up is very important. Wrong environment will build up the children wrongly. Example: If a children grows up in a stduy environment, they will become a study type of children, vice versa.

I think we really need to consider everything carefully before you would like to make purchase. Please think wise before hand.

A house is a shelter to those who need it.

2 Responses to “Buyer’s tips”

  1. rockyoass Says:

    good tips~
    haha~ i ll consult u when i have the money to own a house~

  2. threestrongcoffees Says:

    So true. In India the max you can get is 20 years of home loan. Ah! One more thing I learnt when I got a home. Even if we take a loan, once we enter a new home, there is hardly anything in it (When I entered my new house it did not have lights, fans or curtains). Which means we need more money than what we think of and the circumstances to buy a house may not always be ideal.

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