My friend is a Star


If celebrities are our friend

Imagine that our primary/high schoolmates might be someone special one day. Maybe Kelly Clarkson is your schoolmate, right? They are normal people who going to school/college/university like us, even though they’re famous now, yet they’re normal human being who breath.

I do not want to talk much on how special of celebrities are at here… The message which I would like to present to you is…

Work hard towards on ambition >> achieve it no matter how

I bet most of you have some kind like Childhood dream or your target achievement in life. Some people might dream of being a Pilot, Doctor, Singer, Movie Star, Mother of few children, etc… Is good to have such kind of thinking, that is the momentum for us to move forwards. I do have my own little dream, I would like to be a lawyer, but at last I’m a Design Engineer (a bit far away from my dream…)

Few of my friend had become popular singer at Taiwan/Malaysia. Sometime when I hear their voice from the radio, I feel proud to be their friend. I feel happy that they achieve what they wish to be at last…

When you have a dream, work on it, don’t let yourself regret afterwards


5 Responses to “My friend is a Star”

  1. Sara Says:

    I really liked your post, specially because I feel the same way you do.
    A girl I used to know from my volley team back from college is now an actress on national tv, and it always hits me as a surprise to see her acting.
    I’m also following a dream and slowly getting where I want, as an illustrator and do comics manga style, something like a Portuguese mangaka ahaha.

    And I believe that a positive thought and determination towards our goals is halfway to success!★

  2. DSvT Says:

    Thanks for your comment…

    Yes, is true… I also work towards my dream…
    Beside my dream, I got an image in my mind, I will got my own Comic Library at home one day… Now, I already own Japan’s Comic around 500++ Books… Increasing, I just love to collect them, and I do draw sometime, My uncle got an art studio at my area…

  3. threestrongcoffees Says:

    So true!!
    I know a friend who is big Bollywood star. I have not been in touch with this person after the school days. The person may not even recall me.
    But the point I am trying to make is the person wanted to be Police Inspector and has ended up acting as one in some of the films. So what I would say, if we cannot achieve some of the dreams, we can surely find ways for living out the dreams to some extent for some limited time.

  4. DSvT Says:

    yes, someone said that :
    people must have dream, people just too concentrate on the result… Sometime, result is not the most important thing, the process to achieve the target is the most important, we learned a lot from the process even though we don’t reach to our dream…

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