Do you remember?

Doesn’t matter how many thing you’d said, is the matter that people can remember what you’d said, what they remember of you?

In this world, I created a lot of things, I write a lots of article which beneath at here, or somewhere else… Some people might remember my nick as B|ack_CuRRanT, some people knew me as Alan, currently people only knew that my nick as DSvT. No matter what name I’d used, I still remained the same practice, I write what I wish to write, I will only tell the truth…

I do not wish/hope that people might always remember me, I only wish that they might gains something after read my writing/post. Yes, this is the only thing I hope all my reader can do…

But for friends, my real life friend who can really meet with me… my expectation to them is differ… I hope they can remember me, remember all my details… Sad that my expectation always failed, I can’t do anything on it, I can just accept as it is…

Today, I accept that my friends who forget my Birthday…


3 Responses to “Do you remember?”

  1. rockyoass Says:

    whenever i pass by the cemetery,i’ll just ask myself whts the value of life? it just born,live,survive and die? no, we deserve more!

  2. rockyoass Says:



    happY birthdaY~ belated =X


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