Mistake or Mis-take…

Sometime people got scolded by other person without valid reason, even after that he still don’t know why it can be happened. Do you have such kind of experience before?

In our daily life, we always face this kind of issue. Other person mistake, you are the one who got the blame. Think about it, you will find some similar bitter memory, deja vu… You have to ask yourself few question when you face this kind of problem.

Why is me?

There isn’t any reason why you’re the chosen one. In Chinese term, you’re consider “样衰” (bad look, unlucky look). In English term, people might say “you’re not lucky enough”. Even though different language said the differ things but they all carry the same meaning after all. We are unlucky and that why we always got scolded by someone without knowing what is wrong. People tend to find some victim to release their anger when they’re angry, especially our boss. If our boss faced some difficult task which he can’t solve, most of the time, he will release their tension onto us.
Maybe you find that you always got scolded by your partner, that’s normal, that’s your responsibility to listen their nagging, their complaint, even their punch. Unless you give up of them, then only you’ll break free.

What shall I do?

There isn’t much you can do in this issue, listen and accept are the most basic item you shall do.
Do not try to argue with the one who are bad temper…
Do not try to prove that you’re right (when you dealing with your boss)
Do not try to prove that he/she is wrong (your boss will love you after this…opposite!)
Do not try to be funny (the most stupid thing to do)


If the one is your boss,
1. Try to accept what he said, he will forget all after few minute… but if you try to fight with him, he will remember it forever…
2. Try to divert your mind to other item during that time, do not focus what he had said… He don’t even know what he’s talking about…
3. He is your boss, why you fight? you don’t wish to get the pay-slip at the month end?

If the on is your girl/boy friend,
Only 1 thing you can do…
ACCEPT everything he/she said…

For me, my thinking is simple…
In this world, nobody can live/work without help from other people, right? In the acceptable extent, if I can accept, I will accept what other people said about me. I just want my job being carry out smoothly.

People who laugh at you won’t win! by Nixon (if I not mistaken)

Yes, is true. People who scold you, laugh at you, teasing you, they won’t win the battle. “沉默是金” (keep quiet is gold), it means we gains more if we talk less. People who talk lots, make lots of mistake, at the end, they will face the circumstances.

We’re just normal human who live on the earth for approx 100 years (I don’t think people can live so long life at current polluted condition…), just be happy, relax… Everyday would be a better day.

Life is short, Play Hard by Reebok

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  1. Ankur Says:

    very informative

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