Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End


I’d watch this movie yesterday night (kinda late to watch it at Malaysia after it showing for 2weeks…). I’d prefer to watch the movie at Cinema with the environment: quiet, concentrate, no joking… Previously I watch the Godzilla (yr 1998), there are some people making joke of the movie in the cinema, that’s ruined the whole movie’s environment…

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End << Good Movie, clear storyline…

johhnny.jpg pirates1.jpg

I love Jonny Depp’s movies, I watch most of the movies of him. He’s a very good, cool, brilliant actor for me.
I watch his movies such as All the Pirate’s series (Part1~3), Secret Window, Ed Wood, Deadman, etc…


In the Pirates of the Caribbean, the movie show us there isn’t any “1 team mind” if there isn’t a leader. So, Pirates need a leader, and they practice the democracy method, they vote for it. I like this method, no need to fight, what for we fight?

movierpirate.jpg :: Not the bigger one is good!

stypirates2.jpg :: I like this Pirate very much! (Shao Fei)…

Love Story

In the movies, there are 2 love stories,
1. Davy Jones’s Love – He love a wrong person who don’t keep the promise, but He still love her.

2. William Turner’s Love – Wonderful, touching love story, but rarely happen in reality. ( I beg most of the people missed the last part of the movie which appear right after the show end, right after the all the wording show, there is a shot showing Elizabeth brings a child standing at the cliff waiting for someone who appear after the sunset green right – Will Turner and his ship).

Do you watch this movie? What are you waiting for?


2 Responses to “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”

  1. Naoko Kensaku Says:

    This movie was quite good, IMHO, hilarious.

    However, maybe because me and a few friends were film students, when we watch the film, we can more or less predict what was going to happen next. The witty, snappy dialogue more than made up for it. ^_^

  2. DSvT Says:


    Yes, The movie is quite good. Compare to previous Part 1 & Part 2, Part 3 seem to be telling the story in whole. Looking forward for the Part 4 (as if they wish to start it…)

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