Relationship of LOVE and TIME

when time pass by me, I know I’m missing you more compare to yesterday, and day before yesterday – By DSvT (1980~ )


A year = 365/366 days
A month = 28~31 days
A day = 24 hrs
An hour = 60 minutes
A minute = 60 seconds


Love = Uncountable

We can’t value the Love index. It can increase and decrease anytime, but it won’t disappear. It can be apply to more than one party in the same time. It doesn’t matter it applied to how many party? If you believe in it, then there is LOVE

I might make a lot of mistake a long the way to seek love, but what ever I told/spoke in the process of seeking were true from my heart (can consider immortality)… I written the important people name in my heart, there were 2 names inside it, and it will be final list for me throughout my life.


1. What is principal towards LOVE?
2. What would you do if you love more than one people?
3. Do you apply the same amount of love to both of them?


2 Responses to “Relationship of LOVE and TIME”

  1. Güvenlik Kamera Says:

    nice topic. thank you dude…

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