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Chat-Room’s World

I think most of the people own a MSN ID and log on to MSN for chatting daily… I have my MSN ID longtime before >> alankllim [a] hotmail [dot] com…

I love to chat in MSN, I got a lot friend in my list, my schoolmates, my colleagues, my uni friends, my lecturers, my new friends… etc. I always get advice from friend thru MSN chatting. After grad from Uni, all my buddies start to work and the place which is too far for me to visit them… MSN/email is the only way to keep in touch with them. MSN/email are the most convenience tools for us to keep in touch with friends, family members… Phone call should be the most direct method but costly, MSN/email appear as FOC/less cost (we still pay for internet access)…

Nowadays, Youth love to use MSN to chat, to get new friends, to flirt… In the MSN they can say a lot of things which they don’t have courage to say face to face communication… At this point, I recall a song from Savage Garden (Santa Monica), in this song lyric, the chorus sound like this

But on the telephone line i
Am anyone
I am anything I want to be
I could be a super model or
Norman mailer
And you wouldnt know the
Or would you”

Yes, nobody will find the different between you and your ID in virtual chatting world… You may be a student even you’re working, you can be a doctor even you’re unemployed. You can act like anybody in the chatting world… I been chatting with a lot of people since Mirc time… In the chat room, there are some many people claims that they’re doctor, police, engineer, etc… but nobody in the chat room claims that they’re normal people, unemployed, jobless, beggar, etc…

For me, no matter in which kind of chat-room, please be sincere to the person who willing to listen to you. If you don’t wish to disclose personal details, that’s fine for us, but just don’t lie to someone who really pay attention for reading your message…


5 Responses to “MSN, AIM, Mirc, Yahoo!, Goolge talk…”

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