Boobs, Stop staring at me!

Ask your boobs stop staring at me… details

I found this photo from some forwarded email. Can anyone tell me where can I buy this shirt?


6 Responses to “Boobs, Stop staring at me!”

  1. Mohsen Shojaee Far Says:

    and if you find out also tell me please

  2. pegasus Says:

    get it printed for urself… there are special paper that can be ironed to ur t-shirt

  3. DSvT Says:

    Oh, ya…
    Why I never think about that?
    Emmm… Later goto find the shop 1st…
    Thanks for the reminder…

  4. DSvT Says:

    Mohsen: Emmm… I think I’ll start manufacturing it…. When I start marketing, I will definately inform you… Price unknown…

  5. pegasus Says:

    :)) if u make some money… please do contribute to the pegasus relief fund… u know we are endangered mythical species

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