Traffic Jam… Stuck for 20min…


I hate traffic Jam… Today I stuck at the Toll station for 20min, later in the evening, I stuck in the Shopping complex car park basement traffic jam again for 1 hr…

Why Malaysia people so rich to buy so many cars?


2 Responses to “Traffic Jam… Stuck for 20min…”

  1. threestrongcoffees Says:

    I face the same thing in Mumbai – India. Yes people are rich and are buying more cars, but at the same time, people are at work on roads giving no space at all to drive. My office is 20 minutes drive from my house. I spend anywhere between 1.5 to 2.5 hours daily!

  2. DSvT Says:

    Oh I see…
    In Malaysia, only big city like Kuala Lumpur or surrounding of it will faced traffic jam… Luckily from my house to work place,there isn’t any traffic problem… but I still spend around 20~30min to drive there…

    Wow… you spent 1.5~2.5 hr, in a trip or included return…

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