What is your opinion?

I need you to go thru the story below carefully (serious…)
I got a friend named Ed, he is in love with a girl named Ja. Let me do some introduction for Ed, Ed is a very nice guy to all his friends, but there are some problem with him. He had a special method of thinking which can’t be accepted by most of the friends/people… The way he think is kinda differ compare to other normal people. He always treat his friend good(can consider 110% good), on the other hand, he thought that his friend must have the same thinking with him in return…

He apply this kind of T&C onto his girlfriend too… So, one day, Ja decided to break up with him… So, he become a bit mad on this issue… He ask his friend to delete Ja in their friendster list, to those who fail to do so, he will stop the friendship with them… not matter how many year the friendship is…

I tried to advise him, but he just listen but refuse to accept other theory than his own one…
So, any ideas from you all?


5 Responses to “What is your opinion?”

  1. sunnyday93 Says:

    I had a friend who was very similar to Ed!
    I always tried to teach her to be not intolerant,
    at last she got a little bit better but it was so hard for me to solve this problem!

  2. DSvT Says:

    But I try to advice Ed from year 2000 until now…
    He just refuse to restructure himself…

    Congrat at your case! I think life would be better to be if we think less, hate less, and more tolerant for life… Actually this isn’t mean we treat other too good… but actually we treat good for ourself…

  3. simonesu Says:

    as my advise ..ask his friends or family to bring him for a holiday and let’s him see the world of the other part of people and let’s him know that world wont ended altho he had a broken heart..life still have to live on and be a man face the problem and be strong likes a man not likes a girly that forcing friends to do what he want..just let’s him know in the world somewhere a the corner there will be his destiny waiting for him to care and someone will love him back

  4. DSvT Says:

    “be strong likes a man not likes a girly that forcing friends to do what he want”

    hahaha… I like this sentense. He think that his friend must be same think as him, coz they’re friend… I totally don’t agree with this theory. I’m his senior, so he treat me better compare to his friends…

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